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for Enterprises
Augmented AI driven, daily news and social media digests specifically  customized for your business so you can stay competitive.   Zero configuration!  Just  sign up, and get your personalized news.
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Personalized news about your market, industry or competition
Our team of experts, with the assistance of AI, scour social media, the web, and news publications to bring you comprehensive information while cutting out ‘noise’.
Your time is valuable, let us do all the competitive research for you
Keeping up with industry news and your competition takes time and perserverance.  Automated news feeds or alerting systems aren’t sufficient or require constant tweaking.  They either give you too many irrelevant topics which you don’t have time to sift through, or they miss important news events.
We are your army of competitive experts: your eyes and ears – alerting you of market news or competitor actions
We do the heavy lifting for you, researching, listening, compiling, personalizing and curating thousands of sources of data about your industry or competition so that you can stay ahead, every day.
Newswire Listening

We listen to all the relevant news coming off the news wires.

Online Monitoring

All online news publications are scoured and relevant articles reviewed by our team.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media mentions about industry or by competition.

Cultivating New Ideas
For senior executives, marketing, and product management staff
Our hand-picked news feeds, customized specifically for your business, is especially useful for senior executives, marketing, PR, and product personnel.  Keeping up with the competition or industry news is often a mundane task.  Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground so that you can stay ahead of the market or competition.
  • Industry News
  • Competition News
  • Social Media Mentions
Never get caught off-guard again
We’ve all been there.  Your boss, investor or board member asks you about something new in the industry or a new development by the competition that you are not familiar with.  Minimize the chances of that happening again by letting us keep you abreast of what’s going on on a daily basis.
  • Articles and social media filtered for quality and relevance
  • Compiled and curated by our team
  • Sent out to you and your team on a daily basis
Price & Plans
Think of us as a refined, full service social media monitoring solution, but for a fraction of the cost.

ZERO configuration!  Unlike sophisticated social media monitors and news alert services which require a lot of upfront configuration, just tell us what you want to monitor and we’ll do the rest.

Per Month
Daily email digest
Near zero configuration
Up to 5 keywords
Up to 2 recipients
Hand-picked news
Hand-picked social mentions
View articles on Evernote
Per Month
Daily email digest
Near zero configuration
Up to 10 keywords
Up to 10 recipients
Hand-picked news
Hand-picked Twitter mentions
View articles on Evernote
Frequently Asked Questions
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When you sign up you will receive an automated email where there is a section to list the topics you want to see, simply follow the instructions, fill out the fields and reply to the email and our curators will handle everything.

In each email digest that you receive, there is a space at the bottom of the email where you can see how we’ve configured your feed.  Simply hit the reply button on your email client and edit those fields and press the send button.  Your changes will be reflected on the next scheduled digest that you receive on the next day.  You can change configurations as much as you like, until it is perfect for your needs. is an augmented AI news processing system that alerts our team of competitive and industry experts on what you are looking for.   Our AI news alerting system sends us all the potentially relevant news to us, we review the articles with our own eyes, compile and curate the articles into a single daily email and send that to you so that you are always caught up on the latest news for your particular needs.