Our Features

Our system uses a combination of AI and human based review to deliver high quality news articles or twitter mentions about your competitors, industry or your business.
Easy to read focused daily digests straight to your inbox
Strike the perfect balance between too much noise, and missing important news
General news services are too generic – the content isn’t specific enough to your business.  Full media monitoring services are overkill, you need to become an expert on a their platform just to get some articles.  Not to mention tuning the system to give you the results you want over weeks or months.  We created newsfeedr so that you wouldn’t have to worry about all this.  Get the news you need, without the noise, specifically customized for your business.  Now.
Twitter monitoring.  Zero configuration.  Zero learning curve.
Need to monitor Twitter for industry or competitor info?  No problem.  These are included in our daily digests in our premium packages and integrated as a summary article.
Having both social monitoring and news monitoring in one daily summary prevents you from missing vital market trends and competitor actions without you having to be proactive.
Configuring your topics couldn’t be easier.  Every news feed digest comes with a summary of your current keywords, distribution lists and status.  Simply click the link at the bottom.  This will allow you to reply to our Bot, edit the keywords,  and it will make the changes for your next daily digest.
  • When you sign up you’ll get an initial welcome email with link
  • Click on the link, set your topics / keywords and email distribution list
  • Send the email to our Bot
  • You’ll start receiving your daily digest every 24 hours
  • Tweak your keywords as you see fit, until you get exactly what you want
Like to use Evernote?  Get your digests there too.  (Premium plans)
Get all your news feeds via Evernote on your mobile phone.  All works on the desktop version of Evernote.  (Available on premium plans)
Use Evernote desktop edition to perform further statistical analysis and searches for the digests that you receive over time!
Time saved monitoring competitors
Time saved monitoring industry
Costs saved hiring competitive staff